VoLTE Service Investigation

Voice is a basic service and subscribers expect nothing less than constant availability and high quality. Unfortunately, due to technical complexity of IMS-based systems ensuring high quality of VoLTE service is a real challenge for the operators. Nexus provides the solution which monitors and correlates Voice Control Plane and User Plane and does it for all calls, all the time.

VoLTE Service Assurance Monitoring:

  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting VoLTE Service Quality during roll-out
  • Correlated Control Plane and User Plane at the same time
  • Entire CSFB and SRVCC signaling Call Trace
  • Full coverage of ALL calls, all the time
  • End-to End call flow in one display
  • Detecting Call Drops and bad speech quality
  • Alarms for Customer issues and network element performance