VoLTE Service Investigation

Voice is a basic service and subscribers expect nothing less than constant availability and high quality. Unfortunately, due to technical complexity of IMS-based systems ensuring high quality of VoLTE service is a real challenge for the operators.

VoLTE Service Assurance Monitoring:

  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting VoLTE Service Quality during roll-out and later usage
  • Monitoring of:
    • IMS traffic to detect sessions and analyse service performance
    • media streams to evaluate transport quality
    • EPC signalling to analyse transport sub-system performance
    • LTE to access quality of radio interface
  • Correlating all above, both Control Plane and User Plane
  • Entire signaling call tracing
  • Full coverage of ALL calls with configurable sampling policy
  • End-to End call flow in one display (tables or ladder diagrams)
  • Detecting Call Drops and differentspeech quality impairments
    (amplitude and VAD clipping, clicking, echo, SNR, etc)
  • Alarms for Customer issues and network element performance