Systemics-PAB helps customers understand and solve issues affecting quality in telecommunications; mobile and fixed networks.
We are uniquely focused on

  • providing comprehensive surveys and measurements of the quality of network services and quality of the end-user experience
  • testing and monitoring of network performance and security
  • comprehensive 5G private network deployment
  • following our integration into the Apave Group in July 2023 we are expanding management of technical, environmental, human, and digital risks


SYSTEMICS-PAB – key competences at a glance

Measurements & Benchmarking

  • E2E Service Measurements
  • Benchmarking Drive & Walk Tests
  • 5G-readiness Verification
  • In depth Engineering Investigation
  • Network Scoring & Certifications
  • Network Acceptance & SLA Conformance
  • All Mobile Technologies (GUL + NR)
Consultancy & Analytics

  • Optimisation Advice
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Customer Experience Verification
  • Outsourced Services
  • E2E Network & VoLTE Audits
  • Technical and C-level Cockpits, Dashboards & Reports
  • Revenue Assurance & Fraud Detection
End-to-End Service Assurance

  • Network Monitoring & Testing
  • Services Monitoring & Testing
  • Roaming Monitoring & Testing
  • VoLTE/IPX Monitoring
  • IP Metrics
  • Lawful Interception
  • Cloud-based Testing Service
Network, Application & Security Testing

  • Advanced Equipment & Services for testing networks & applications
  • Networks & applications vulnerability testing
  • Validation of networks & applications security
  • Solutions & services for UCC
  • Solutions & services for GNSS purposes
  • Solutions & services for precise timing, frequency & positioning
  • Solutions & services for networks visibility

Systemics-PAB conducts high-quality and complex projects in multiple countries worldwide. Our customers – telecom operators, regulators, network equipment providers, lab testing organizations and enterprises – appreciate our expert know-how developed over many years, combined with large-scale operations and efficient cloud-based data post-processing. Our services are based on constantly updated, best-in-class test equipment, and laboratory solutions. We are also proud to be an active member of the ETSI working group developing guidance for Quality of Services Testing in mobile networks.

Systemics-PAB’s experience, from various international projects with many operators and partners, shows that it is impossible to assess the service quality, user experience, and perform effective network optimization and monitoring without having data collected from both active and passive test systems as well as from network statistics. The proper correlation of data from these various sources extends the scope and relevance of data analysis and allows a drill-down approach to be applied to all events in the network across the whole network infrastructure.

Moreover, our probe-based RAN and Core monitoring systems can be delivered in the SaaS model and support E2E optimization projects. Our measurements are carried out using best-in-class test equipment and terminals which in turn are able to test the latest applications and network technologies, such as LTE, LTE Carrier Aggregation, VoLTE, HD Voice, YouTube and streaming services.