Drive Tests and Benchmarking

  • International experience – successful projects in more than 50 countries
  • Interactive reporting – targeted analysis of results
  • Recommendations of network improvements
  • Analysis of technical strengths and weaknesses of benchmarked operators

Network and Subscriber Intelligence

  • Reduce the average handling time problem resolution
  • Supports SLAs performance
  • Proactive performance analysis of newly launched services and handsets
  • Supports network development

Network Active Testing Service

  • Managed, cloud-based Test Service offering thorough outbound & inbound roaming testing with hundreds of test scenarios
  • Own network testing for QoS verification, preventive maintenance, regressive testing, etc.
  • Possibility to extend with passive roaming monitoring
Telecom Operator

With Quality of Services benchmarking and network analysis services, we help network operators to understand the quality as experienced by end-users, and work with them on improvement initiatives.
Benchmarking projects are the best source of information for competitive insight – understanding other operators’ networks helps target network investment where it has the greatest impact on customer loyalty.
Our expertise in technical advice is especially valued by operators who run continuous benchmarking projects and campaigns performed at least twice a year. We also are proud of our public benchmark projects which provide an independent assessment of mobile networks in a specific country or region and conclude with a report showing the best operator in that country.


Network Vendor

Verifying and ensuring the highest mobile network quality is currently one of the biggest challenges for Network Equipment Vendors. Especially so, in the case of SRAN networks serving all technologies, including 5G.
Systemics-PAB helps Vendors verify their solutions confirming readiness for acceptance testing, or providing valuable information for further network optimization. Our thorough testing process is based on many years of experience with the leading mobile operators and enhanced by our professional, in-depth analytics.
We guarantee that the data delivered is objective, reliable, and ready for immediate use for problem detection or performance verification of the Network Vendor’s equipment in the real network conditions and against competitive solutions.


Telecom Regulator

Systemics-PAB delivers independent analytical solutions for Telecom Regulators to assess the quality of service against the pre-agreed KPI thresholds.
The project deliverables help Regulators to fulfill their duty to secure the availability of a wide range of mobile communications services, including mobile broadband, and to promote investment and innovation with respect to consumers’ interests in receiving high-quality services and value for money.
Systemics-PAB – a leading brand, with many years of experience, and competent personnel ensure objective assessment, and in-depth analysis of issues. We guarantee secured projects in all domains and technologies. The company’s surveys and procedures are compliant with ETSI and ISO standards.

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