Drive Tests and Benchmarking

  • International experience – successful projects in more than 30 countries
  • Interactive reporting – targeted analysis of results
  • Recommendations of network improvements
  • Analysis of technical strengths and weaknesses of benchmarked operators

Network and Subscriber Intelligence

  • Reduce the average handling time problem resolution
  • Supports SLAs performance
  • Proactive performance analysis of newly launched services and handsets
  • Supports network development

VoIP Quality Management

  • Monitoring of 100% of calls, 100% of streams
  • Real Time Protocol (RTP) monitoring for each direction
  • Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) in 5 sec. intervals
  • Overall quality analytics

Telecommunication Networks Synchronization

  • Hydrogen masers for space applications;
  • Hydrogen frequency and time standards;
  • Rubidium oscillators;
  • Frequency and phase comparators;

Telecommunication Protocol Analyzer

  • Troubleshooting all mobile technologies, LTE and fixed networks
  • Detailed subscriber activity analysis with CDR creation
  • Fully correlated cross-technology call traces and flow diagrams
  • Protocol Analysis of network activity – Control and User plane

Global Roaming Test Service

  • Advanced Testing of Real  and Virtual Networks  and Applications
  • Systems to Security and Efficiency Improvements
  • Protection against Cyber Attack
  • Quality of Triple Play Services

Unified Communications

  • Cloud Unified Communications & Cloud PBX
  • Network Functions Virtualization
  • VFN capable Session Border Controllers
  • Go-to Market Programs  to Revenue Quickly

About Us

We help building competitive advantages based on the highest quality of the end-users experience. We are focused on network and service quality improvements by testing, monitoring, analyzing and optimizing projects.


Our customers are mobile operators, network providers, regulators, network equipment and IT vendors. Those include Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, Swisscom, RATEL, TRA, MTS, Veon,
A1 Austria Telekom, Telstra, Mauritius Telecom, Azercell, Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia.


We have experience in E2E quality problems solving in live networks. We work with valuable partners as SwissQualRohde&SchwarzSpirent,
MetaswitchGigamon and Squire Technologies.

HQ Address

Wołodyjowskiego 46b, 02-724 Warszawa, POLAND


+48 22 424 70 01 | +48 22 424 70 02