Systemics-PAB CSR activities are undertaken with a view wider than solely financial aspects and encompass the enterprise’s responsibility for its impact on society.

The company’s ultimate desire is to constantly raise the standards of conduct towards all market participants: customers, partners, contractors, suppliers, government and regulatory bodies, branch organizations, local communities, and charities. We are working to shape the best CSR practice among medium-size enterprises in the Polish market landscape and beyond.

CSR aspect is managed by the Marketing and Public Relations Director under the supervision and support of the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Systemics-PAB CSR activities in a nutshell:

  • The core service offered by Systemics-PAB supports business, market organizations, and local communities in the pursuit of their personal and statutory goals by helping to achieve or to experience the highest quality of telecommunication services
  • Universities and non-profit academic organizations have access to the latest technical knowledge and equipment as well as on-site presentations regarding trends in the international telecommunications market. Talented scientists and students can also benefit from financial and by equipment donation the company provides to the non-profit and branch organizations.
  • Universities’ students and staff are invited to industry technology & business seminars hosted and paid for by Systemics-PAB.
  • Students are offered internships and/or employment within Systemics-PAB and have an opportunity to use selected real-world telecommunications performance measurement data gathered by the company in their master’s and doctoral theses.
  • Workers are empowered by unconditionally providing professional training and promoting well-being through social events for employees and their families. A friendly atmosphere at work and respect for any diversity is confirmed by many long-term employees and contractors.
  • Systemics-PAB supports a continuous building of environmental awareness among employees and is committed to strict segregation of packaging and recyclable waste, choosing the least energy-consuming technologies and solutions, implementing the use of energy from renewable sources.
  • The company supports art and culture in Poland and internationally. For a decade, the company has been sharing the work of a Mexican-Polish artist through its annual company calendar.
  • Systemics-PAB welcomes applications for support from charitable causes and assesses its support for each based on merit.

Systemics-PAB publishes information about selected CSR initiatives on its website, social media and internally to employees.

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