RAN Real-time Monitoring

nScan is the unique real time network RAN monitoring system for mobile operators developed by NetQPro company. For planning and radio department NetQPro offers detailed analysis of radio-related problems, including unique full Abis coverage.

It offers many important features for every mobile operator:

  • Real-time 24/7, continues network monitoring, processing and data analysis
  • Full 2G RAN (Abis) and 3G RAN (Iub) interfaces coverage
  • Shared-RAN support (MOCN & MORAN) including secure separation of data between MNO’s involved
  • Reach set of pre-defined KPI’s (CSSR, CSTR, …) aggregated per cell, project, region, BSC/RNC or per cluster of cells
  • Detailed analysis of radio-related problems, incl. unique full Abis coverage

Radio analysis:

  • Radio call analysis based on all parameters reported in MR (measurement report) messages and all important RAN events
  • Measurements are correlated with particular cells

Cell Analysis:

  • 3-dimensional graphs illustrates correlation between specific measurements reported in MR messages for the selected cell and time
  • Graphs are available for down- or up-link Rx level vs quality and timing advance vs down- or up-link quality