CORE Monitoring

nScan is the unique real time network monitoring system for end-to-end view of service performance offered in the mobile network. For operation and maintenance department nScan offers network-wide call tracing with drill-down message decoding down to bit level and extensive set of pre-defined KPI’s statistics per cell, project, region, BSC/RNC, cluster, etc.. It offers many important features for every mobile operator.

  • Real-time 24/7, continues network monitoring, processing and data analysis
  • Supports fixed and mobile (including GSM-R) voice and data networks, fro SS7 to LTE – all in one system.
  • Reach set of pre-defined KPI’s aggregated per cell, project, region, roaming partner, terminal type and vendor
  • Network-wide call tracing with down-to-bit message decoding
  • Performance statistics database and real-time alarming

01-CORE Monitoring


  • Rich set of KPI’s and counters for analysis of the network status and service quality
  • Roaming- and handset-related analysis
  • Graphical visualization of statistic in geo- and time contexts

02-CORE Monitoring

Call Tracing

  • Calls can be analyzed both in tabular and graphical formats.
  • Calls can be traced based on localization (region->project->BSC/RNC->cell), terminal or user identity (IMEI, IMSI, TMSI), selected transaction parameters (termination cause, type of transaction, etc.) or specific events like unsuccessful HO.
  • All messages are fully decoded up to the field level; all messages are also shown in hex format.

03-CORE Monitoring

04-CORE Monitoring