VoIP Quality Management

For network operators it is more and more important to know performance and quality of their own VoIP services as well as interconnects to other network operators. Our NETVIEW VoIP quality monitoring provides evidence of how your customers experience your voice services with end-to-end analytics which let you sort the results per destination, gateway, or codec, and instantly get to the root-cause of your problems.

VoIP Quality Monitoring:

  • Monitoring of 100% of calls, 100% of streams
  • Real Time Protocol (RTP) monitoring for each direction
  • Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) in 5 sec. intervals
  • Overall quality analytics
  • IP packet statistics for jitter, delay and packet loss
  • KPIs per interconnect link, origin, destination, user
  • SLA verification of VoIP interconnect service quality
  • All call details exported in RTP-CDRs