Bydgoszcz, September 12-14, 2018 – Systemics-PAB was one of the main sponsors of the National Symposium on Telecommunications and Computer Networks (KSTiT) held on 12-14 September in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

One of the main objective of the conference was to present the issue of security in telecommunications on different levels: security of network, information, digital data storage and data transmission, prevention of the data stealing; also new generation networks and new technologies in future telecommunication. Systemics was the partner and speaker at the session  devoted cyber threats and management of cyber security.

During this session Dariusz Zmysłowski and Ewa Tajkiewicz, Directors of Sales Department at Systemics-PAB held a presentation „Security testing of ICT infrastructures and services relating to the GDPR regulations.” Systemics representatives were talking about the current trends, motivations of cyber crimes and techniques of cyber attacks were presented as well as effective methodology of testing the state of security of the infrastructure of communications networks and applications and services, especially in GDPR aspect. There were presented the newest products of our partner Spirent Communications (e.g. Cyber Flood, Security Labs) for the advanced testing of security of applications as well as for the complex analysing of the performance of the network and services.