Looking at the current development of the global telco market, it is evident that most people have switched to working from home. During this difficult time, good quality and reliability of telecommunications networks have become more important than ever. Therefore, Systemics-PAB has implemented respective safety measures to be able to continue supporting our customers in all possible ways. Our top priority hasn’t changed – we are here to support your business continuity while assisting in solving a variety of issues affecting quality in mobile and fixed networks.

Despite the circumstances, we continue to work remotely and on the roads supporting the network performance of our customers. In some countries, we perform regular drive tests only avoiding walk tests in dense areas. In others, we support operators who have decided to perform measurements with their own teams and equipment by preparing for them drive routes, providing project management, data validation, and finally analysis and reporting based on the information they collect.

We are also agreeing with operators and market regulators on the plans on how to quickly come back to regular benchmarking services to make up for the time lost due to the restrictions caused by COVID-19.

In order to effectively utilize all available resources Systemics-PAB put more pressure on the further development of services and the product portfolio. The efforts have been directed to the implementation of R&D tasks aimed at creating new innovative methods for testing and assessing the quality of services in 5G networks. We have made good progress in matching the way active tests can be performed on 5G networks so that the collected results can assess the network’s readiness to provide various types of services specific to 5G networks in the most objective and practical way. Furthermore, we are always ready to discuss your needs for the initial deployment of 5G technology, its site and network acceptance suite, and unique competitor insights that can be used to turn your network performance into a competitive advantage.

And last but not least, being an active member of the ETSI working group we continue to fulfil the market needs in developing guidance for the Quality of Services testing in mobile networks.

Stay in touch with us and keep in good health!

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