Benchmark Measurements of 5G performance in Dublin show Three as the operator with the best 5G network

Systemics-PAB, a leading provider of benchmarking services for mobile operators and regulators has conducted an independent survey of 5G coverage in Dublin to international standards.
In result the network of Three came on top with the highest average throughput during data download and upload. Three also has the largest 5G coverage in Dublin.
Average download throughput of 325 Mbps is one of the highest results recorded in the Systemics’ network benchmark projects in a test of the whole city. 10th percenitle result of 41 Mbps is also impressive. It means that in the survey 90% of download transfer tests conducted in Three’s network achieved a download speed of at least 41 Mbps.

The aim was to do a comprehensive survey of mobile networks performance in Dublin. The test route included all regions of Dublin to make a holistic assessment of mobile data services in Dublin. Drive route also covered Bray and some of the residential areas outside of M50.
Measurements were performed at the end of May 2021.

“Systemics-PAB has been present with its services in the Irish market since 2014. The company performs periodical checks of the status of mobile network developments.
The results show the performance advantage of Three was achieved thanks to the most extensive 5G coverage in Dublin. Three’s average 5G download throughput of 358Mbps is one of the highest results we have recorded in our network benchmark projects. The average upload throughput and latency were also best at 67Mbps and 29ms respectively. All these results provide a positive forecast for the development of 5G networks and services in the future. Well done.” Jan Kondej, CTO Systemics-PAB

To view the report in full please download the attached pdf.
pdf-ico  2021 05 Dublin 5G performance report (647 KB)