NetQPro covers RAN monitoring to better serve mobile operators in planning, maintenance and optimization. The leading solution of NetQPro is NetScan – a powerful, flexible network monitoring system that extracts information directly from the control and user plane and makes it accessible in real-time. The very unique feature is the support for shared-RAN networks (MOCN & MORAN), including secure data separation between mobile network operators involved.

The key areas of NetQPro cover:

  • Real-time monitoring
  • NPV, vEPC & vIMS testing
  • eRAN radio analysis over CPRI
  • WebRTC monitoring
  • VoWi-Fi and VoLTE Subscriber QoE
  • Ultra-high performance IP probes

If you wish to learn more on specific solutions and innovations of NetQPro please get in touch by emailing Maciej Markiewicz m.markiewicz(at)