Systemics-PAB started Orange DSBO 2022 network measurements and assessments. These drive tests of mobile networks provide to Systemic’s customers tools for maintaining the highest standards of telecommunication services quality and customer experience when using the network. The scoring mechanism embedded in the service offers the assessment of the situation and stimulates competitiveness. The year 2022, is the seventh time in row that Systemics-PAB conducts the annual assessment of mobile networks as a part of the Orange DSBO project (Data Services Benchmarking and Optimization) in Belgium, Luxemburg, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Spain.

Moldova was the first country in 2022 where Systemics-PAB delivered extensive benchmarking campaign to measure the quality of mobile telecommunication services offered by mobile networks operators. The benchmarking measurements took place between April 27th and May 11th of 2022 and covered representative areas of cities and roads in Moldova. The total distance covered by each of 2 drive test cars used was over 5000 km. Measurements took close to 90 hours delivering more than 2700 voice service tests and over 1600 for each of data services tests. All the tests were conducted using SwissQual (Rohde&Schwarz Group) benchmarking solution installed in the roof boxes on measurement cars. The test area was designed to cover cities and connecting roads (with villages along roads) that constitute around 50% of the Moldavian population.

The quality assessment and the comparison between operators was prepared using the ETSI Technical Report 103559 Annex B approach. It fulfils market needs for open and “standardized” countrywide mobile network benchmarking and scoring. TR103599 allows to get results which are transparent about how the actual scoring has been achieved including methods and underlying assumptions. In assessing the overall performance and overall score of each mobile network, 2 main categories of services (with subcategories)have been evaluated:

• Voice services, affecting 40% of the overall score
• Data services, affecting 60% of the overall score

The experienced quality of service varies over time so that the individual score of a particular throughput cannot be fixed once and for all. In order to reflect better data throughputs implementations values for data KPIs thresholds were adopted and appropriate files were used for emulation of receiving/sending attachments (fixed size file DL/UL test).

With applied scoring methodology the highest number of points in overall scoring was achieved by Orange and was equal to 901.8 out of 1000 of maximum achievable. The other operators scored 774.8 and 736.5 points. Orange got the best score in both voice and data tests.

Orange Moldova can therefore be certified as the operator with the highest overall quality of mobile services in the test.

More details on results can be found in the attached document.

pdf-ico  DSBO Moldova H1 2022 – Nationwide Benchmark Certificate and Results (1,25 MB)