In a test of Quality of Mobile Services conducted by Systemics-PAB in Austria, A1 achieved the highest score of 95.29 points out of 100, followed by Magenta (90.95 points) and Drei (82.69 points). Austrian operators offer their customers excellent quality of mobile service and the results they achieved are outstanding compared to similar benchmarking tests that we performed in other countries.

The report, available for download as PDF, provides more details on the recent results in Austria.
pdf-ico  2019 Austria-Nationwide Benchmark by Systemics 2019.12.02 (1,07 MB)

About Systemics-PAB
The Systemics-PAB is a leading provider of independent Quality of Experience benchmarking services for mobile operators and regulators. We have conducted national benchmarking campaigns of mobile networks in more than 25 countries.

Our mission is to assist customers to understand and address the variety of issues affecting quality in mobile and fixed telecommunication networks. Expert know-how developed over many years, combined with large-scale operations and efficient cloud-based data post processing, gives us an unparalleled flexibility in conducting high-quality and complex projects in multiple countries worldwide. From 2017 Systemics-PAB is a certified partner of Rohde & Schwarz in the mobile networks testing domain. Systemics-PAB has also been a contributing member of ETSI working group developing guidance for Quality of Services testing in mobile networks.