Warsaw, February 10th2021 – Systemics-PAB, a leader in independent Quality of Experience benchmarking services and end-to-end network & service quality improvements, enhances its expertise in the market for regulators. The Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services in Serbia (RATEL) has again awarded to Systemics-PAB a project to measure all mobile networks in Serbia. The campaign was executed from September to November 2020 and its novelty was walk tests in four locations in Belgrade and main places of interest for tourists.

– Miodrag Ivkovic, Electronic Communications Department Director, RATEL
– Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services in Serbia
“We have been facing a rising demand for network audits. I do appreciate Systemics-PAB’s high-level of performance-proven for the fourth time since our cooperation had started in 2017. The company conducted the entire task in accordance with the required standards and supported us in a professional manner. As a result, we have obtained a comprehensive country-wide mobile network benchmark and an essential input for the long trend analysis of Serbian mobile operators’ networks service quality”.

– Paweł Biskupski, CEO Systemics-PAB
“I am very proud of the comprehensive network measurements in Serbia – an extensive national benchmark survey of all mobile operators. The project had been commissioned to Systemics-PAB by RATEL for the fourth time on an annual basis starting in 2017. Systemics-PAB’s mission has always been assisting customers to understand and address a variety of issues affecting the quality of networks. The professional measurements and data verification are based on many years of experience in over 50 countries, as well as active membership at ETSI organization”.

Systemics-PAB Regulatory experience – examples of projects in Serbia, UAE, Jordan, and Poland

Ratel, the regulator in Serbia

  • Countrywide benchmarking drive tests in 2017, renewed in 2018, 2019, and 2020.
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Web portal results visualization
  • New results perspective

TRA, the regulator in UAE:

  • Countrywide benchmarking drive tests
  • Indoor tests
  • Extended results analysis
  • Trending observations
  • Business Intelligence tool (Tableau) – results presentation

TRC, the regulator in Jordan:

  • In-depth training on SQ measurement equipment
  • Knowledge transfer on measurement process

UKE, the regulator in Poland:

  • Countrywide benchmarking drive tests
  • Countrywide benchmarking railway tests
  • Customized KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Statistical evaluation

The Key Approach of Systemics-PAB Benchmarking Performance.
Regardless of the country and the network, end-users have been expecting the highest possible quality of experience. The key requirements are the demand for fast download speeds, excellent service quality, and uninterrupted service.
Systemics-PAB is capable to respond to the rising demand of regulatory agencies for network audits. For RATEL in Serbia, UKE in Poland, TRC in Jordan, and TRA in UAE the company had examined network coverage and health identified problem root-causes and recommended solutions to improve performance and service assurance. Moreover, knowledge transfer on measurement processes and specialized testing equipment was delivered to Serbia and Jordan.

About Systemics-PAB
Systemics-PAB has become the brand for independent and comprehensive benchmarking for operators, market regulators, and vendors covering all existing technologies and applications in 2G/3G/4G/5G and VoLTE. Large scale operations and a comprehensive cloud-based data post-processing culture allow to perform secured projects in multiple countries simultaneously. Furthermore, the company is committed to state regulations and international standards such as released and recommended by ETSI, and 5G PERFECTA.