6th International Conference on Quality of Telecommunication Networks and Services took place at the Warsaw University of Technology on 23-24 November 2017. European business professionals and scientists dealing with network development & service quality assurance had shared experience and discussed solutions how to assess and meet network quality to enable applications to be used more reliably.

This conference had been initiated by Systemics-PAB, leader in Quality of Experience benchmarking services, and Institute of Telecommunications of Warsaw University of Technology. The main sponsor of the conference was Rohde&Schwarz, a global supplier of mobile network testing solutions that address every test scenario in the network lifecycle.

Paweł Biskupski, CEO Systemics-PAB and founder of Systemics Group, said: “In reality, every new device, application, and the user comes with unique needs to the quality of experience. Keeping sufficient levels of network performance for a long term in cross-technology networks is a key challenge in building customer loyalty. For example, addressing quality of the offered services in customer communication can be an effective way in end-user acquisition”.

Keynote speakers came from Orange Global, Rohde&Schwarz, Ericsson, Railway Research Institute and Systemics Group. Variety of topics discussed this year include:

  • Evolution of Quality of Experience measurements.
  • New Radio Technology Trends – from huge to tiny data rates using 4×4 MIMO and NB-IoT.
  • Long term quality programmes – case of  Global Operator.
  • CEM market trends.
  • Global System for Mobile Communication; railway specific applications and challenges.
  • Challenges in e2e user experience measurements in 5G implementations.
  • OTT service quality in benchmarking – Challenges of automated testing.
  • VoLTE optimization.
  • Standard scoring initiative. Rating and scoring on network performance.
  • Aspects of QoS in GSM Rail.
  • Impact of new technologies into 5G networks: how will services and quality of service change in the forthcoming networks.
  • wiSLA Project: QoS and Conflict Management technology.
  • New Statistical Approach to the Quality Assessment in Mobile Services.
  • Measurements and Statistical Analysis for Mobile Network Services Availability Assessment.
  • Video Streaming over IP using the DASH Technique.
  • Sectoral Qualifications Framework in Telecommunications – Professional Staff Determine the Quality of all Telecommunication Systems and Services.

In specific, guest speakers from Rohde&Schwarz delivered as follows:

Dr. Michael Lorenz, “New Radio Technology Trends – from huge to tiny data rates using 4×4 MIMO and NB-IoT”.
Public mobile networks become more and more the universal infrastructure for data transport. Along with this, not only humans using networks heavily with their smartphones, also other kinds of ‘subscribers’ as connected cars, smart meters even the often cited fridge are requesting access. Consequently, mobile networks have to serve very different needs starting from huge data rates down to the transmission of a few Bytes but for hundreds of devices at the same time. The presentation discussed the physical background of data transmission using 4×4 MiMo down to NB-IoT.

Dr. Jens Berger, “OTT service quality in benchmarking – Challenges of automated testing”.
OTT services are heavily used on smartphones, and the experiences subscribers have while using these services significantly influence their satisfaction with the mobile network operator. To receive a true picture of how a subscriber experiences OTT services, tests that measure QoE during real-field drive testing campaign are required. This approach benchmarks the QoE of OTT services in different networks and regions against each other; the same approach can be used to benchmark a mobile network operator’s core services such as voice telephony and messaging. The presentation had examined test scenarios for and real-field measurement results of popular OTT services, including YouTube video streaming, WhatsApp voice calling, and social media posting such as on Facebook and Instagram. The challenges of automated testing of personalized services were also discussed.

More information on International Conference on Quality of Telecommunication Networks and Services is available at: www.qm.systemics.com.pl

About Systemics Group
Systemics Group mission is to help operators, regulators and equipment vendors understand and address a variety of issues affecting quality in telecommunication networks. Co-organizing the International Conference on Quality of Telecommunication Networks and Services is our investment in education and research, as well as promoting the best business practice in Polish and international markets.

Systemics Group includes Systemics-PAB, Commsquare, Nexus Telecom, and NetQPro. Systemics-PAB is a full and active member of the ETSI and GSMA organizations. The Group has over 80 customers and operates globally through offices and subsidiaries located in Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Greece, Ireland, United Kingdom, Russia, Jordan, Malaysia and Canada.