The aim of Systemics Group is to help operators and regulators from advanced and emerging markets understand, pro-actively prevent and reactively address the variety of issues affecting quality in their networks, ranging from Radio to Core Network. Together with independent data analysis and our experience by we can ensure a smooth transition and roll-out towards LTE-A, VoLTE, Video, Carrier-aggregation and 5G.

At 5G MENA in Dubai 30.04-02.05, Michał Majewski, Head of International Benchmarking, will delivered a speech on innovative “VoLTE/VoIP Voice Quality Assessment in Monitoring Systems”, highlighting

  • passive systems for the speech quality assessment in 5G,
  • e-model vs wave form analysis,
  • practical implementation in Core and Access networks.

We are constantly improving our industry first holistic approach to both network quality and measurements of customer experience that combines active testing and passive monitoring. We are very excited about or capabilities to deliver large scale QoS benchmarking and optimization projects in multiple countries. On the other hand, cloud based data post-processing combined with interactive reporting and analytics help our customers gain real insight into issues affecting quality in their networks and prepare well for 5G deployment. These capabilities are not only unique in the market, but also key for MNOs looking at implementing a modern and efficient customer experience management (CEM) approach.

We also have offices around the world to present a variety of benefits from Systemics Group’s comprehensive portfolio: management tools for day-to-day network quality operations, engineering and mobile quality teams.

Regionally, Systemics Group’s members (Systemics-PAB, Nexus Telecom, NetQPro and Commsquare) is providing services & products in almost all MENA countries.

Our Team at 5G MENA is looking forward to meeting you in person. We are there at your disposal at booth # 26.
Not in Dubai? Contact us at any of our [email]ue.bapsys@eciffo [/email]