Spirent develops innovative solutions for functional, performance and security testing of next-generation networks and applications that simulate real-world conditions in the lab, before a commercial launch and in the live network.  Broad solutions portfolio addresses data centers, cloud computing, network virtualization, applications and security, high speed Ethernet networks and services, and test automation and management.

Spirent’s wireless & positioning solutions apply innovation to performance testing of mobile devices and global navigation satellite systems (GNSS).

Spirent’s solutions test functionality and performance of 4G LTE and 3G mobile devices and services, and satellite positioning, navigation and timing.  They provide test systems to conduct testing in the lab prior to commercial launch, helping customers to accelerate the time to develop and launch services, to reduce costs, and to reduce the risks associated with launching new technologies, devices and services.

Spirent service assurance solutions allow service providers to diagnose and determine how to resolve issues with networks and also products and services for assessing the service experience on live networks.  Service Assurance has distributed service assurance and analytic systems that allow service providers to turn-up new services and to diagnose and troubleshoot network and customer issues. Spirent provides systems for mobile device management, device analytics and intelligence solutions for mobile operators.

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