Telecommunication Protocol Analyzer

Our product line of protocol analyzers provides a great diversity of analysis applications. The various (portable, rack mounted, server based and laptop based) hardware platforms may be equipped with a variety of network interface cards, including T1/E1/ATM, STM-1 OC3 Optical, 1 GigEth (Optical and Electrical) and 10 GigEth cards, enabling the monitoring and troubleshooting of access networks (ISDN/PRI, SS7), mobile networks (GSM, GPRS, UMTS, HSPA+, CSMA-1 / CDMA2000), NGN and LTE networks (Control Plane and User Plane correlation).

Key features of our Protocol Analyzer:

  • Troubleshooting all mobile technologies, LTE and fixed networks
  • Detailed subscriber activity analysis with CDR creation
  • Fully correlated cross-technology call traces and flow diagrams
  • Protocol Analysis of network activity – Control and User plane
  • Optimizing network settings using flexible KPI counter analytics
  • Investigating voice quality issues with SIP/RTP QoS MOS analysis