Telecommunication Networks Synchronization

We have in our offer high performance radio measurement equipment for time keeping and precision frequency comparison like:

  • hydrogen masers for space applications;
  • hydrogen frequency and time standards;
  • rubidium oscillators;
  • frequency and phase comparators;
  • primary reference oscillators for telecommunication networks;
  • atomic clock ensemble systems (including measurement and control equipment).

The main products from VREMYA-CH portfolio we offer are:

  • Active hydrogen maser frequency and time standard model VCH-1003M, VCH-1003A, VCH-1005;
  • Passive hydrogen maser frequency and time standard model VCH-1008;
  • Rubidium reference oscillators models LPFRS-01, VCH-203, SRO -100
  • Frequency calibrator VCH-313;
  • GPS/GLONASS disciplined rubidium oscillator VCH-311;
  • Precision frequency comparators model VCH-308A, VCH-314, VCH-315;
  • Primary reference oscillator VCH-001 and secondary master oscillator VCH-002 for telecommunication network synchronization.

More details about products you can find on the following web page: