Roaming and Interconnect Assurance

To reduce churn and secure revenues, mobile operators need to test and verify QoS, preferably continuously. If roaming customers are leaving the network, you have a problem. If customers are complaining, you have a crisis. NexusVERIFIER’s automated continuous active heartbeat test system verifies that network services are functioning correctly, so you can assure a good customer experience with best-in-class 24x7 mobile service connection.

Roaming and interconnect assurance (NexusVERIFIER):

  • Pro-active heartbeat testing and verification of network services
  • Centralized service tests through all core network switches
  • Protecting your roaming revenues and reducing subscriber churn
  • Testing and launching new service plans with correct billing records
  • Service assurance tests according to GSMA and IREG standards