Network and Subscriber Intelligence

nScan is a powerful, flexible network monitoring system that extracts information directly from the Control and User Plane and makes it accessible in real-time. In addition to full, end-to-end capabilities, nScan offers continuous monitoring of 100% of transactions in real-time, ensuring that no data is lost or information missed. All transactions in the network are captured, processed, consolidated and stored for real-time or historic reporting. It offers many important features for every mobile operator.

  • Real-time 24/7, continues network monitoring, processing and data analysis
  • Supports fixed and mobile (incl. GSM-R) voice and data networks, from SS7 to LTE – all in one system
  • Shared-RAN support (MOCN & MORAN) including secure separation of data between MNO’s involved
  • Reach set of pre-defined KPI’s aggregated per cell, project, region, BSC/RNC, roaming partner, terminal type
  • Detailed analysis of radio-related problems, incl. unique full Abis coverage
  • Network-wide call tracing with down-to-bit message decoding
  • Open architecture ready to deploy new features (real time alarming, VIP subscriber care system, Gn, LTE)

01-Network and Subscriber Intelligence
System architecture

  • Highly distributed, scalable system architecture to cope with high load
  • Network signaling monitored through a chain of smart TAP’s feeding local servers with pre-filtered data
  • Captured PDU’s are decoded and processed to calculate KPI’s and correlate on various levels
  • Multi-interface correlation is supported, including inter-BSC and inter-system HO’s

02-Network and Subscriber Intelligence
Network status indication

  • Network status screen visualizes values of statistics with colors indicating violation of statistics pre-defined thresholds
  • All elements on screen are active – with single mouse-click one can see statistic details, detailed cell analysis or signaling transaction.

03-Network and Subscriber Intelligence

  • 400+ KPIs calculated for all major protocols on RAN & Core interfaces
  • Daily, hourly, 15 minutes … aggregations per cell, region, cluster, etc.
  • Graphical visualization of single statistic in many geo- and time contexts.

04-Network and Subscriber Intelligence
Traffic Analysis

  • Visualize traffic metrics (volume, bytes/packets sent, etc.) over time
  • Shows traffic distribution per nodes
  • Optionally, displays also service/protocol distribution

05-Network and Subscriber Intelligence

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