Indoor coverage measurements

  • Indoor benchmarking measurements with same extensive scope as drivetests
  • Measurements to select the best network in a given locations
  • Testing to optimize in-building radio systems
  • Comprehensive reports of large venues such as shopping malls and event halls
  • Optimisation of indoor RAN installations with surrounding outdoor RAN network
  • Measurements done with latest terminals and radio scanners
  • Testing in trains and metro lines

Indoor network performance plays an ever increasing role in mobile networks. Our indoor measurements are aimed at assessing how good indoor systems are in delivering services in capacity hotspots such as shopping malls, airports or sport venues. We maintain extra capacity of indoor testing systems to be able to do any project quickly. In most locations we can do indoor measurements within 2-3 weeks from ordering. Once on the ground we do extensive testing of the location to collect enough data for meaningful radio analysis. Our interactive reporting platform can be used to perform in-depth analysis of results. In most cases our recommendations were used to improve in-building radio systems by operators or companies proving managed services for in-building radio systems.