Spirent GSS7000 series Multi-GNSS Constellation Simulator, built on 30 years’ experience – improves product robustness and reduces field testing, debug times. Reveal the true performance of the device under test, not the poor performance of the test tool.  The GSS7000 supports any combination of GPS/SBAS/QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou-2 signals, for testing all types of signals. Software, constellations and options can be added via easy, affordable in-field upgrades.  Up to 256 channels are supported across 4 frequency bands allowing full simultaneous simulation of all GNSS systems plus more than enough channels for rich multipath.  Learn more

Spirent GSS9000 Multi-Frequency, Multi-GNSS RF Constellation Simulator sets a new standard of excellence in GNSS RF Simulation for R&D and performance test.  The GSS9000 produces a comprehensive range of emulated multi-GNSS, multi-frequency RF signals with ultimate class-leading flexibility, coherence, fidelity, performance, accuracy and reliability.  The GSS9000 provides numerous benefits to the all those working in GNSS/system technology and application development, including comprehensive and feature-rich simulation and full control of all aspects of the GNSS operating environment, inherent repeatability and the ability to apply systematic errors and incidents that are impossible to realise using actual satellite signals.  Learn more

Spirent GSS200D continuously monitors and analyses the GNSS bands for interference events, enabling 24/7 constant monitoring on multi-constellation and multi-frequency bands.  When RFI is detected in one or both frequencies, the system will capture the interference data and send an encrypted event to PT Cloud, Spirent’s secure cloud. Events are characterized and given a type, because it is important to understand the difference between unintentional interference and jamming. They are also  automatically ranked according to a score based on the likely impact to GNSS services, allowing a quick prioritization of the threats. What’s more, whenever an event occurs, you can choose to be notified by email almost instantaneously. Learn more

Spirent SimSAFE software tool controls Radio Frequency Constellation Simulator (RFCS) hardware in order to emulate signal simulation attacks and test receiver mitigation techniques. SimSAFE allows flexibility in the attack scenario definition and test of interference detection techniques. The tool can be integrated into existing radio navigation testing laboratories, in order to leverage existing hardware such as signal simulators, interference generators and hardware GNSS receivers.  Learn more

Spirent GSS6425 can record and replay multiple frequencies from all global navigation satellite systems. It can capture GPS L1/L2/L5, GLONASS L1/L2/L3, Beidou-2 B1/B2/B3, Galileo E1/E1a/E5a/E5b/E6, QZSS L1/L2/L5, SBAS signals and services (Terrastar, Omnistar, StarFire).  With 2 bit I\Q quantization GSS6425 can easily record complex real-world RF environments, capturing both GNSS signals and atmospheric/interference effects. These environments can then be replayed repeatedly to the hardware or software under test.  By recording data from external sources (sensor, inertial, CAN bus, up to 4 streams of video) synchronously with GNSS signals, various application areas can be developed or tested with GSS6425.  Learn more

Spirent GSS6450 RF Record Playback System (RPS) from Spirent takes RF recording and playback systems to a whole new level of performance and flexibility, while being housed in a small (216 x 200 x 6mm), battery powered (1.5hr), portable case (2.5kg). The GSS6450 can record any GNSS signals currently available with bit depths up to 16 bits (I&Q) and bandwidths of up to 50MHz. The flexible product structure allows the system complexity to grow with your testing needs. Learn more

Spirent GSS6300 provides coherent GPS/SBAS/QZSS, GLONASS, BeiDou-2 and Galileo L1 signals from a single 2U chassis, which can grow with evolving needs.  Comprehensive remote control for easy integration with ATE control systems and other instruments, with a range of interfaces ensures easy integration.  User control of parameters enables testing to be configured to minimize test time per device.  In-rack annual calibration and field upgradeable, plus industry-leading quality and in-region technical support and repair ensures minimal downtime.  Learn more

Spirent GSS6300M is the ideal entry-level multi channel GNSS simulator for busy production testing environments and receiver integrators. Its 36 channels of operation can simulate L1/E1 signals from GPS/SBAS, QZSS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo to test the fundamental positioning capabilities of any GNSS device.  Learn more

Spirent GSS5300 Multi-RF Generator is designed specifically for simultaneous functional, non-parametric test of multiple integrated wireless communications solutions. Features such as GPIB and Ethernet interfaces are included for ATE integration, with rack mount chassis to facilitate use of the GSS5300 in the volume manufacturing test, and service/repair testing environment.  Learn more