Active Testing Service

High quality, reliable service delivery is critical for pleasing your high revenue customers again and again. Our ROAMER / Active Testing Service is perfect solution for testing quality of services QoS provided to mobile users – both in roaming and in home network. It is a cloud-based, automated testing platform with probes located in many locations in the world. You can use it yourself or have it delivered as a managed service and only review test results according to your requirements. The platform is available through a web browser, so you can enjoy testing without any software and hardware installation, also from your home office.

Global Active Test Service:

  • Managed, cloud-based Test Service offering thorough outbound & inbound roaming testing with hundreds of test scenarios
  • Own network testing for QoS verification, preventive maintenance, regressive testing, etc.
  • Test call generator – mimicing mobile users behavior and creating events to verify new tariffs and billing system configuration
  • Available instantly, without any investments in software or hardware
  • Flexible and automated, template-based test campaign editor
  • Powerful analytics to instantly generate reports and benchmark different network providers
  • Real time dashboards with per-operator cockpit and any parameter filtering
  • “what if” analysis for business decisions & troubleshooting
  • Possibility to extend with passive roaming monitoring
  • Investigation and detection of SIM boxes