Active Testing Service

According to Forbes, customer experience is THE new battleground for company growth regardless of the industry. Telecom companies face questions like how to verify, if your customers are happy about services in home network and while in roaming? How to ensure services quality provided by fast changing network environment? Network complexity and interoperability issues can change operator’s life into a nightmare.

Systemics Active Testing is great solution answering these needs. It allows for easy setup, scheduling and performing of tests that are aimed at measuring and verification of

  • Quality of Services (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) – services are tested from end user perspective thus test results provide information how users perceive services they use. Various KPIs for various services can be measured and monitored, which allows for QoS and QoE verification and monitoring.
  • Preventive maintenance, which is about running repetitive tests to confirm that the services provided to subscribers are in a good shape and meet required QoS level. As soon as an issue pops up, it should be rapidly discovered and resolved before customers realize about that and start complaining.
  • Regressive tests after any changes to network introduction to ensure that the network still performs its tasks and services run smoothly. Such tests can be executed ad-hoc or can be scheduled in advance and automatically executed according to schedule.
  • Revenue assurance activities that include verification e.g. whether
    • post-paid subscribers can enjoy their services both in roaming and in their home network;.
    • pre-paid subscribers are properly served both in roaming and in home network, which besides voice calls, SMS/MMS messaging and data services also includes services like account top up, services ordering via USSD codes, etc.
    • your interconnect partners provide good quality service without early connect or late disconnect.
  • Test Call Generator for e.g. billing system and new tariffs test based on events automatically generated by simulated subscribers’ behavior.

Use our cost-effective solution for

  • Active testing in Your network
  • Active testing of networks operating in certain territory (benchmarking)
  • Active testing of services provided by your mobile service supplier (e.g. home network for MVNO or mobile services for a company)
  • Outbound Roaming testing
  • Inbound Roaming testing
  • Test Call Generator to automatically generate events e.g. for billing system and tariffs testing

Service can be offered from the cloud or from your premises with hundreds of editable test scenarios.