Systemics-PAB, leader in mobile network service benchmarking and optimization, acquired Nexus Telecom, the Swiss pioneer in providing network quality monitoring solutions, that reduce churn and operator costs.

Warsaw, Zurich – May 10, 2016 – Systemics-PAB Sp. z o.o., part of Systemics Group, announced that it completed the acquisition of Nexus Telecom AG in April. Together with Nexus Telecom, Systemics Group wants to create a new leadership position in the complex end-to-end network quality assurance business and is prepared for all technology challenges arising now and in the future.
The Systemics Group will combine Nexus Telecom’s solutions of monitoring mobile network quality and Systemics-PAB’s expertise in mobile network benchmarking and radio optimization services. The result will be an industry first holistic approach to address quality of experience issues for customers on all continents through real-time monitoring systems and quality of experience benchmarking services.

Rafał Markiewicz, newly appointed CEO of Nexus Telecom AG, said:
As the newest member of the Systemics Group, Nexus Telecom can immediately access the practical, hands-on expertise of Systemics Group members, to the benefit of our current customers. We are confident to also drive new business through product innovation. We plan to expand Nexus’s offerings taking a more service-oriented approach. This includes but is not limited to providing our current solutions in a SaaS mode.
Mr. Markiewicz is an experienced executive with more than 20 years of experience leading technical teams at network operators such as T-Mobile, E-PLUS, BASE and KPN Mobile International NL.

Paweł Biskupski, President and Founder of Systemics-PAB, said:
Systemics-PAB has successfully proven the value of its expertise in the areas of network benchmarking, troubleshooting & optimization over the past 25 years. Nexus Telecom has a strong record of accomplishment in network quality monitoring solutions proven with operators around the world. Together Systemics –PAB and Nexus Telecom will continue to lead the way in viewing the true service experience of the end user on the move and real time analytics to improve the networks of any Telco Operator.

René Weilharter, new member of Nexus Telecom´s Board of Directors, added:
I am certain that Nexus Telecom’s monitoring capabilities and product development expertise will be highly valuable assets among Systemics Group. This strategic change of ownership will ensure further development and extension of Nexus Telecom product portfolio in line with the newest standards and market trends.
Mr. Weilharter is an experienced executive with more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications and security industry.

Nexus Telecom provides telecom network management solutions to reduce churn and costs. It has its roots in service and network performance management and roaming monitoring. Nexus Telecom delivers real-time network, service and subscriber data to its own service assurance products, and to any 3rd party OSS/BSS system. The latest innovation of Nexus Telecom is the global roaming test service platform where operators can test the true end user experience of one of their customers travelling abroad.
Nexus Telecom with its headquarter in Zürich, Switzerland has also offices in Malaysia, Canada and Germany. Products from Nexus Telecom have been in the market for more than 20 years. Customers such as Deutsche Telekom, Rostelecom, Celcom, Truemove, PCCW, Telefonica, BT, Bell Canada, T-Systems, Digi and many others rely on Nexus Telecom´s solutions. Nexus Telecom is among the most reliable vendors in the OSS Industry.

Systemics-PAB, founded in 1990 and privately held, is a leading company in quality of experience benchmarking services. It is a full active member of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute and the GSMA organization. The company headquarter is in Poland, with offices in Russia, Germany, Ireland, Austria and Jordan. Systemics Group operates globally with operators, regulators and equipment vendors. Company’s key customers include Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, MTS, A1 Telekom Austria, Umniah, Vimpelcom, Huawei and Nokia