According to the business magazine, Forbes, customer experience is THE new battleground for company growth regardless of the industry. At the same time, it is estimated that 61% of mobile network problems are first discovered by end-users while operators detect only 39% of issues.

Systemics-PAB NetQRadar – an active testing solution- allows operators to assess the quality of experience QoE and the quality of service QoS rendered to subscribers in the home network and while roaming.

Are you ready for these challenges?
– 4G and 5G networks launch
– 4G and 5G roaming service introduction
– Switching off 3G and 2G networks that creates new challenges.

Rapid issues discovery, ensuring that users can enjoy subscribed services in a fast-changing network environment, is critical to maintaining excellent customer experience.

The fully configurable, automated NetQRadar solution allows for managed, cloud-based or customer premise-based testing of Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE).
It can be used for testing:
• Home network
• Outbound roaming
• Inbound roaming
• National roaming
and can also provide benchmark and regulation conformance testing.

Services are tested from the end user perspective; thus, the test results provide information about how users perceive the services they use. A wide range of KPIs for the various services is measured and monitored.

NetQRadar can be also configured to generate calls and events for billing and new tariffs verification.

NetQRadar allows operators to be certain that their subscribers are experiencing mobile networks performance and quality they are paying for.

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