On June 14th, at 14:00, Neil Maitland, VP Nexus Products and Solutions (part of Systemics Group) presented “Next generation monitoring, integrated analytics, migration strategies” covering:

  • Challenges to monitoring evolving networks
  • New requirements and techniques
  • Pulling it all into a single pane

We have worked with a number of customers preparing their networks to maintain the high-quality services as they have transitioned towards 2G/3G/4G/VoLTE and now 5G. Our active and passive network monitoring and analytics solutions, blended with benchmarking, auditing and optimization services, enable our customers to turn network performance into a competitive advantage.

We would like to meet and discuss our brand-new E2E Next-Generation Passive Monitoring System with 5G Support – “NexusDiscovery”, and our consulting services that can help you to achieve and maintain the best quality of service in all current and emerging technologies and applications.



Systemics NexusDiscovery has been designed from the ground up to meet the challenges of the new operational environment and to benefit both OSS and BSS now and into the future.

Offering out-of-the-box virtualization with NFV, Systemics NexusDiscovery deploys cutting-edge software for minimal hardware resource usage. This together with optimized business systems integration and modern Deep Packet Inspection from Rohde & Schwarz/ipoque makes Systemics NexusDiscovery the monitoring system of choice for today’s and tomorrow’s networks.

We also would like to talk about how we can MEASURE, TEST and REPORT ROAMING QoE and explain our consulting services that will help you to achieve and maintain the best quality of service covering all existing technologies and applications.

Systemics NexusROAMER
is an evolved solution for active testing and QoS monitoring of subscriber roaming services. It is an on-demand testing and reporting solution delivering 300+ KPIs – including voice quality analysis (MOS) with key features as follows:

  • Cloud-based managed service
  • Web GUI access from anywhere
  • Probes mimic behaviour of mobile usage
  • Global footprint
  • Self-service scheduling and reporting
  • Flexible additional test creation
  • Mobile / IoT – inbound/inbound – 2G /3G / 4G / VoLTE
  • Revenue Assurance
  • SIM Box Detection