December 2015 Systemics-PAB performed independent measurements of quality of mobile networks in Poland. The contract was assigned by the Office of Electronic Communication (UKE- Polish Regulator) in order to deliver the information on service quality to the public based on the fair assessment. The intention was to do a survey that can provide the results as close to user experience as possible on representative territory of Poland.

Measurements where done in all cities above 50k inhabitants (close to 100 of such places) totalling with over 20000 km of drivetested roads in more than 450 hours. Results showed that the overall services of voice calls in mobile networks are of similar quality for all operators: Orange, T-Mobile, Polkomtel and Play. Calls are compiled in a short time and picked rarely (less than 1% of calls). More varied results were obtained for data services. Full report is available in Polish at the

UKE requested measurements of voice and data services in the survey but Systemics-PAB delivered data on YT and HTTP browsing additionally.

For telephone service following indicators were investigated and determined:

  • success rate phone calls (Call Setup Success Rate),
  • indicator dropped connections (Dropped Call Rate),
  • indicator of speech quality (Voice Speech Quality),
  • voice call setup time

For Internet access services following indicators were examined and identified:

  • data speed KPI (Mean Data Rate),
  • delay of data packets (Round Trip Time),
  • YouTube download the correct video clip
  • YouTube indicator of time of the first video frame
  • YouTube detention rate video playback
  • HTTP session indicator failed for Kepler page
  • HTTP indicator of session time for Kepler page.