We have been looking to cooperate with graduates and market professionals experienced in mobile and fix technologies of telecommunication.

Be a part of international team of Systemics-PAB:

  • We perform large scale projects in different countrires
  • Coverage of all technologies including HSPA+, LTE, LTE Advanced and VoLTE
  • Indoor measurements – SwissQual Freerider used for walktests with the same details of gathered data as from drive-tests
  • The latest smartphones and tests to replicate user behaviour – Quality of Experience
  • Because of scale we can do multiple projects in several countries at the same time
  • With 10 years of experience working with variety of networks we understand different development stages of networks and what QoE can be achieved
  • For troubleshooting or monitoring we can deploy state of the art monitoring solutions
  • Operators class monitoring solutions can be deployed in SaaS model or permanent deployment
  • Long term experience in Labolatroy Tests Solutions  manufactured by Spirent, Rohde&Schwarz