In October 2020 Systemics-PAB examined access to mobile services in areas outside the centre of Warsaw in Poland. The capital city is the largest business centre in the country, and many of the people who live on the outskirts of Warsaw or in neighbouring towns are now working remotely. Service quality tests were conducted in the five areas shown on the map.

The tests were initiated and performed as sustainable project of Systemics-PAB and carried out from 13th to 28th October 2020 from 8.00 am to 11.00 pm based on a drive test methodology. As the market penetration with 5G terminals is still low, 5G measurements were deliberately excluded from this test.

All operators offer voice calls using VoLTE, but only Orange, Play and T-Mobile use Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) resulting in speech quality of 4.4 points on a 1-5 MOS scale. These calls also have a short call set-up time of 2-3 seconds. The successful call rate during test hours was between 93% and 99%.

Tests of the quality of data transmission services offered by Orange, Play, Plus and T-Mobile network operators showed that they can compete with the basic Internet access offer, which in many places is Neostrada at 10Mb/s. The average transmission speeds obtained in various tests reached 50Mbps for data download tests and 17Mbps for data transmission tests. The effectiveness of data transmission tests was reaching 99%.

Operators also achieved good results in video streaming tests, for which image quality oscillated between 4.3 points on a scale from 1-5 Video MOS. The start times were slightly longer than 1 second. The effectiveness of the tests was similar to that of data transmission tests and reached 99%.

The results of these tests are slightly worse than the results of similar daytime measurements made by Systemics-PAB in the centre of Warsaw in September this year, but the difference is not significant. Deterioration of service quality occurred in measurements in the evening, not assumed to be due to remote working, when the use of mobile networks is usually high.

Detailed results of the survey and differences between operators are presented in the attached report in Polish language for download as pdf.

pdf-ico  03-Wstep-do-raportu-covidowego_final-2020-11-09 (164  KB)

pdf-ico  03 Raport covidowy sieci na obrzezach Wawy_final 2020 11 09 (2,39 MB)